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At 纽约流媒体, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel around stream security. It's probably the fifth or sixth time that I've done so in the last decade, but an interesting dichotomy popped up during the prep meeting with panelists, 当我们在舞台上现场表演的时候. The concept was "casual piracy" and how it differed from "professional piracy" in both intent and scale.


随着新技术的加速发展, 这就引出了一个问题:我们是否应该再等一会儿,看看新装备能提供什么, 还是用现有的, 即使它看起来有点老


数据采集的讨论, 应用程序, and monetization that would have seemed like the most mind-blowing magic to denizens of other eras proved ever-present at 纽约流媒体, the reimagined and rebooted 流媒体 event that made its raucously well-received return to Manhattan in May.


当学生们读完高二的时候, they should know how much they have yet to learn about financial literacy and maybe even have a good idea of what they want to do in life. This is where streaming media comes in: Online video and books can provide for rich, 专门的独立学习,任何社区有积极的学生.

Why You Should Embrace Sustainability (But Not For The Reason You May Think)

To really make an impact, we have to put sustainability within a context we can understand. 是很困难的, 无论是个人还是企业, sometimes to grasp the very huge concept of climate change and then commit to "sustainability efforts" as a way to have an impact. 但是当有上下文的时候, sustainability efforts can be achieved without actually trying to focus on them in particular. 在流媒体行业,这种背景就是权力.


最近的“订阅战争”报告是由美国政府委托编写的.K.-based digital payments tech company Bango points to consumer dissatisfaction with the fractured state of subscription services in general and the increasing appeal of indirect subscription options and super-bundles of aggregated services sold through telcos like Optus in Australia. Perhaps it's another sign of less-than-inspiring times that the best thing consumers say streaming services can do for them is to stop standing out from the crowd and start disappearing into it.


今天, we are seeing a similar conglomeration of features and abilities in today's production hardware, 让一个人“包揽一切”!这就引出了一个问题:你应该做所有的事情吗?


There can be little doubt that live sports streaming has a lucrative and dazzling future. 但首先,它需要通过语气测试阶段.


The revolutionary change over the past 10 years has made production technologies accessible to teachers and even students. 四年前, 当然, almost everyone was forced to rely on educational video to keep schools asfunctional as possible. 今天, we can identify several use cases of teacher-produced educational video that are particularly effective.


在看过Nielsen/Gracenote的2023年游戏状态报告后, Data-Driven Per­sonalization: The Future of Streaming Content Discovery, 我发现他们引用的数字非常有创意. 当我想到他们的研究时,我没有一种温暖、模糊的感觉.


与大型体育流媒体运营商合作, WebRTC为超低延迟流媒体提供了一个真正的机会. 但是同样的运算符, 哪些公司在授权上花费了数十亿美元, can't afford to just swap the ability to stream content in real time for basic OTT functionality like SSAI and DRM.


While the All-In-One live production and streaming tools grow and mature, let's make sure we keep backup solutions in mind to ensure a successful production—even if it still means a table full of gear.


Most of those following the Hollywood strikes of 2023 found reason to cheer on Nov. 8 when SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP reached a tentative agreement that reportedly resolved the AI-related disputes that largely motivated the strike (alongside the impasse over stream­ing residuals). 但这项决议是在一个重大妥协的基础上做出的.

WCAG 2.2、Web内容可访问性标准与您

而不是拼凑加州的无障碍标准, 伊利诺斯州, 欧洲, 还有其他地方, the current standard is set by a broad cross-section of experts from the industry and published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


广告购买正在改变. 例如, now you can buy from an agency that has deep knowledge of data around local viewing, or you can go to a TV manufacturer that has deep knowledge of all of the viewing on its hardware.


The customer wanting to watch your stream on Insta does not want a horizontal video shoehorned into a vertical frame. The customer 看 the horizontal version doesn't want the vertical slice with the same thing blurred out behind it to fill the frame. 这些顾客都渴望那种特殊的体验. 你的工作就是给你的顾客他们渴望的东西.


今年早些时候,我有机会尝试学习冲浪. I'm very glad that I took the lessons because I soon found out how hard surfing really is. 在, 失败, 受伤, 看, 和学习, I saw some parallels between my lessons on the water and the streaming business—which isn't quite as easy as it looks either.


这篇专栏并不是要让人沮丧, 尤其是因为整体经济似乎还在艰难前行. But it is meant to ask those of you in the industry to share anecdotes and stories about the pain points you're facing. 我们知道,流媒体中的任何东西都有其价格, but you are in a better position to help us fully understand what that price entails.


随着生成式人工智能的进步, just-intime代码转换, SSAI缝合, 以及其他流媒体视频技术栈组件, companies like Infuse Video are demonstrating that the true vision of video personalization—changing the video content itself—is finally at hand.


对于本专栏, 我和拉里·艾伦谈过, VP and general manager of data and addressable enablement at Comcast Advertising, about a question that lands firmly on the deterministic side: "What is addressable advertising?" The term "addressable" refers to targeting digital and broadcast inventory and being able to buy audience segments on a household level.